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Interesting Engineering CEO and founder Huseyin Kilic tells his story

Interesting Engineering CEO and founder Huseyin Kilic, told his website's story to egirisim Youtube Channel.

"I BORN in Gaziantep, Turkey. I studied electrical-electronics engineering at the university. My father had a internet cafe. I dealt with customers. And started to write a blog. My first main goal was improving my English and engineering knowledge. The exam period came. I couldn't be online for 1 month. After the last exam, I went back to internet cafe job. At that time, 1000 people had visited Interesting Engineering. Then I created a Facebook page. When I graduated from university in 2013, we had 3 million followers on Facebook.

a new graduate. I earned 10 times the minimum wage. But I had to get a job from the traditional family view. Even if I earn 100 thousand liras, this point of view does not change. A couple of months after graduation, people around our family also encouraged me to get a job. They said "You have to get a job. Accept whatever they (companies) offered".

TODAY my mom and dad understand what my job is. But they can't explain what i do to other people.

ONE company said 'You have to close Interesting Engineering'. Of course, I did not accept. I did job interviews within 1.5 years of graduation, on the other hand, I was working on Interesting Engineering.

I WENT to the military service for 6 months. A Nigerian friend became responsible for the website. I paid 6 months salary of freelance employees. After military service, I started working in England. I didn't like the job. In addition, Interesting Engineering's revenues increased much more.

THAT was the time to start a company. I started the company in June 2016 and hired two full-time employees when i was in Gaziantep. Some troubles began in August 2018. For example, I couldn't find a person to hire. So I decided to move to Istanbul. I made changes in staff. 17 people are working now. Coming to Istanbul is actual Interesting Engineering's foundation date.

WE have 7 million page view every month.

CONTENT business is very complicated. When Facebook or Google change something, we face a new problem. We need stable visitors to earn revenue.

OUR next goal is opening a new office in New York City, and hiring new news staff.

FACEBOOK started Ad Break 1.5 years ago. Our competitors use it from the begining. But we are still waiting. We started to solve these problems like this one by our new company in the US."


A video from Interesting Engineering's LinkedIn page:

This is how the first transatlantic cable was laid in 1858 between Europe and America. It was a road filled with setbacks and failures but in the end it was a success

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