21 Haziran 2017 Çarşamba

Nusret (Saltbae) restaurant London

Nusret to open a new restaurant in London. But no detail is known so far.

Nusret now has 10 restaurants. Eight of them are in Turkey, the others are in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The new one in New York City is now under construction, and open soon. Nusret is personally interested in it. Recently he was at the city, and many people took pictures with him.

After New York City restaurant opening, Nusret to pat attention about London.


Salt Bae is his international nickname... Most of Turkish people don't know 'Salt Bae' name.

Nusret is his name... Nusret Gökçe...

Nusr-et is the brand of Nusret and his business partner's... There is a word trick. 'Et' means meat in Turkish.

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