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Murat Ulker biography

Murat Ülker is a Turkish businessman, chairman of Ülker and Yıldız Holding. He was born in Istanbul on 21 March 1959.

Murat Ülker is son of Sabri Ülker. Sabri and his brother, founded Ülker company in 1944. Ülker later became Yıldız Holding. Ülker family's real surname was Berksan. They known as Ülker in the business environment, so they changed their surname Berksan to Ülker.

Murat Ülker is the youngest of three children... His older brother Ali died when he was 9 years old because of a house accident. This tragic case turned Murat Ülker into the only male successor in the family.
He has three children too like his father, and married with Betül Ataseven.

Murat Ülker graduated from Boğaziçi University Business Administration Department. (Boğaziçi University is considered as the best university in Turkey)

He started to work at Yıldız Holding in 1984 as a coordinator. In years he was promoted step by step and became chairman of Yıldız Holding in 2008. (By the way his father Sabri Ülker died in 2012)

Ülker company produces biscuits, crackers, frozen foods, chewing gums, diet products, beverages and chocolates. Ülker is one of the biggest company and well known in Turkey.

Murat Ülker gave an interview to Hürriyet newspaper and answered significant questions abaut his working and daily life...

- You forbid 'mister' ('Bey' is a respect demonstration) word even to you at he work.

Yes. I prefer everyone called each other with their names.

- But why?

Because people calls each other that way in many countries. There is no any reason that we keep to use mister. We all human being. Also in our tradition there is no royalty. It does not sound disrespectful to me to address somebody by using first name.

- You have an art collection and sone of it is in your company bulding. Every employee can see them, even they can hang one on his/her room.

Yes sure... There is an inspirational object and one of my employee wants to see it when he/she is working. It makes me happy. Sometimes I recommend a painting, I say "This one is perfect for your room". I explain the meaning of painting and the artist.

- When you hire someone, you say you want her/his dreams. Does it too much?

No. This mentality not acceptable for me: "It's 6 o'clock. My working hours have ended. The next morning, first i drink coffee at the work. Then I start working". I want to work with people who can think about business 24 hours a day when I need. Of course not every time. But sometimes the dreams must be abaut business.

- Where does your art curiosity come from?

My father sent us to art lessons. He thought this was necessary for our business. I do not just buy the arts for investment, I'd like them.

It was a live Periscope broadcast while Ülker and Groupe Lactalis were signing the contract

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